NVIDIA Quadro K5000 Powers Switch to Adobe Edit Workflow for Stargate Studios

Stargate Studios is a global, award-winning production company specializing in virtual production and visual effects with offices in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Berlin, Vancouver, Toronto, Mumbai and Malta. Stargate’s 250 artists and supervisors deliver VFX for hit shows The Walking Dead, Haven, Grey’s Anatomy, Californication, Private Practice, Touch, and more.

Stargate’s in-house editorial team is in the process of transitioning from Final Cut Pro on MacPro machines to Adobe Premiere Pro, a decision made in part to standardize all creative teams on the PC platform. In order to benefit from the GPU-accelerated playback in Adobe Premiere Pro, Stargate editorial supervisor Anthony Safarik tapped NVIDIA’s new Quadro K5000 GPU based on NVIDIA’s Kepler architecture, the world’s fastest and most efficient GPU architecture, to give their workflow an unprecedented boost.


When Stargate initially started transitioning their editors to PC workstations, they needed to devise systems that would meet the performance demands required to replace Final Cut Pro. One of the benefits of working in Final Cut Pro was the ability to generate temp effects in real time—with the downside being that everything had to be pre-rendered into ProRes, a time consuming process for Stargate’s editors. 


Working with NVIDIA Quadro K5000 cards in their Lenovo ThinkStation D30 workstations facilitated the workflow boost that enabled Stargate to transition their editing completely onto Adobe Premiere Pro. 

Adobe’s Mercury Playback Engine in Premiere Pro leverages NVIDIA Quadro GPUs and NVIDIA CUDA parallel-computing architecture to deliver up to eight times faster performance for key features, including Uninterrupted Playback, Warp Stabilizer, Three-Way Color Corrector, and Multi-Cam Support. The GPU-accelerated Mercury Playback Engine also enables fluid playback of cutting-edge video formats including DSLR, RED 4, and 5K native footage. 


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