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Brace yourselves for the biggest trending topic to ever hit Twitter-land: #FreeTwitter to all Globe Prepaid and TM subscribers until July 31. I've tried it the very day I received the text notification. It works fine using my Nokia E51 fone.

With the Globe Free Twitter promo, you will never be left behind with every single trending topic again. Connect with friends, follow your favorite stars and celebrities, tweet and re-tweet quotes and jokes, find out the latest news across the globe, and ultimately be part of the Twitter movement that has revolutionized the social media landscape in breakneck speed. All these and more for free, all you need is a Globe Prepaid or TM-powered phone* and off you tweet!

Access the Globe Free Twitter promo via mobile.twitter.com, the mobile version of www.twitter.com and enjoy posting tweets, shouting out re-tweets, and following friends at the comfort of your mobile phone at no cost. Simply register by texting FREE TWITTER to 8888 for free**.
 “Be the first to know with the Globe Free Twitter promo! Today’s trending topics on Twitter will be tomorrow’s biggest news! Access it whenever and wherever. You don’t have to wait until you’re home with your PC or laptop, or constantly search for Wi-Fi just to be Twitter-connected. And the best part is, it’s free and registration is such a breeze,” said Jenny Granada-Echevarria, Head of Globe Mobile Data Services.

Visit www.globe.com.ph/freetwitter to know more about the Globe Free Twitter promo, the biggest trending topic this time of the year.

*Except for BlackBerry, users of Twitter app, and Opera Mini browsers
**Must have P1.00 maintaining balance to register


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