CM Storm Spawn Gaming Mouse Review

I was tapped by a blogger friend to test a gaming gadget and make a review of it. Introducing the gaming mouse for those serious gaming enthusiasts -- CM Storm's Spawn!

  • Anti-Drift Control Sensor – The Spawn gaming mouse utilizes a high performance optical engine and ensures extreme stability. Built with an anti-draft architecture, it provides lossless performance under mouse lift and drop, with a built in angle snapping option one can formulate the perfect flick shot and maximize their kill rates with sheer accuracy.
  • Onboard Sentinel-X 32 KB – The Sentinel-X microprocessor safeguards your mouse setting by storing button assignments, advanced macros and other mouse customization - allowing gamers to plug and play on any other system without losing their initial settings.
  • Omron Micro Switches (5 Million clicks) – Ultra tactile mouse clicks for in-game fragging is afforded through the utilization of Omron’s patented micro switch technology. Backed by a minimum guarantee of 5 million clicks, the Spawn gaming mouse offers an extended gaming life-span for the avid gamer.
  • Japanese-Made Ultra-Step Wheel Encoder – Ultra precise stepping encoder allows gamers to navigate small distances with the scroll wheel while establishing great control and precision.
  • DPI On the Fly – Comfortably placed under the scroll wheel, gamers can switch DPI settings easily to 800, 1800, and 3500.
  • Superior Anti-Slip Rubberized Grip Design – Sweat proof and highly slip resistant, Spawn includes two thick rubber grips that have been deployed on both sides of the mouse. This affords full control to lift-off style gamers during game play.
This is the first time I got to use a gaming mouse. Majority of the mice I used are those ranging from P150-250. For the Spawn, I most likely review based on the it's basic functionality and ergonomics.

The way CM Storm's Spawn was designed is good. It's not that bulky but a bit wide compared to a common computer mouse. Packaging-wise, it was presented just like any other mouse found in a tech store. Nevertheless, CM Storm's Spawn is a good choice for gamers and common users alike.


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