My First Gadgets: An Introductory

My life as a gadget or technology enthusiast wasn't that easy. I'm a late bloomer I must admit. Getting to explore new gadgets and accessories started just months back, few years after graduating from college. I grew up playing in the streets. Unlike today, kids and teenagers alike are more hooked with PS3, Xbox, PSP, RPG games, Android and iOS apps.

I bought my first gadget when I was in grade school. It was a Kodak film camera that was worth 700 pesos that time. I must say it was my Christmas gift to myself coz I had all "aguinaldo" saved for the camera. That's where I started to learn the passion of taking photos.

My first mobile phone was a Bosch given by my dad when I was in college. It was this 2-liner screen with a black casing and steel lining on the side. And it's really bulky because of the battery.

So that's it! They maybe simple but those had sentimental values to me.

Hope you'll enjoy reading my upcoming posts.


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