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EnGenius Networks Singapore Pte. Ltd., a leading provider of high-performance, versatile networking and telecommunications solutions for businesses and consumers, has set out to meet the evolving tech demands of the Philippine consumer market with the announcement of its enhanced EnGenius Cloud Service, an intelligent platform for tapping the powerful capabilities of an EnGenius Cloud network infrastructure from anywhere, using any Internet device.

The EnGenius Cloud Service – which features the EnViewer, EnTalk Lite, EnShare, and EnRoute apps – enables home users to connect to their media and files from anywhere, stay synced with friends and family members around the world, and facilitate the management of their own private network in ways that are simple, secure, fast, and easy.

EnGenius Cloud Service: lifestyle-enhancing apps that go beyond traditional networking

Designed to extend home network resources, the extremely versatile EnGenius Cloud Service links a wide array of devices – routers, gateways, USB-enabled devices, storage, home sensors, and even IP cameras – across a private home network for users to monitor and configure through their mobile devices. It also includes the browser-based EnGenius Cloud Portal, which provides instant access for network users to manage all EnGenius Cloud Service-enabled gateways, routers, and cameras within the network, while also serving as an alternative option for managing the EnGenius Cloud Service mobile apps.

These integrated apps go beyond traditional networking to meet the modern consumer’s most sophisticated lifestyle needs. EnViewer is a multi-functional home monitoring application that allows users to monitor multiple EnGenius IP surveillance cameras on their network from anywhere using their smartphones or tablets. It sends push notifications straight to the user’s device whenever motion or audio detection sensors are triggered. Designed to work perfectly with an EnGenius Cloud gateway or router and the EnGenius Cloud Camera, EnViewer also includes a play back function for viewing recorded videos on the user’s devices, as well as a QR code generator that enables users to share these videos with friends and family.


Also seamlessly integrated with the EnGenius Cloud Service is the new EnTalk Lite app, which – combined with an EnGenius Cloud Router. The EnTalk Lite app enables free calls anywhere with up to 10 users, and even comes with built-in speed dial functions as well as a chat room for staying in touch 24/7 with friends, family, and business colleagues.


The EnShare app, meanwhile, enables users to remotely manage wireless status, configure their routers, and monitor their network on their smartphones or tablets anywhere they have an Internet connection. Through EnShare, users can also access, stream, share, download, and upload media contents from a USB drive connected to their EnGenius Cloud Router, as well as transfer existing storage devices to a private cloud storage. A savvy Automatic Camera Upload function makes it easy to save valuable snapshot-worthy memories by automatically uploading each photo or video to users’ USB storage.


Last but not least is the EnRoute app, which adds powerful GPS tracking and location capabilities to the EnGenius Cloud Service. The extensive GPS service works by enabling a parent or small business network administrator to locate, monitor, and manage network members and enjoy enhanced levels of safety and security. Ideal for home users, EnRoute is also a valuable business tool for those who wish to quickly track the locations and footprint records of business-related destinations for accounting and reimbursement purposes.

The EnGenius Cloud Service apps are available for download for iPhone and iPad through iTunes and for Android-based devices through Google Play.

The EnGenius Cloud Services are supported by the following devices:
•    ESR300 Intelligent Router : Wi-Fi N300 Cloud Router
•    ESR350 Intelligent Router : Wi-Fi N300 Gigabit Cloud Router
•    ESR600 Intelligent Router : Dual Band Wi-Fi N600 Gigabit Cloud Router
•    ESR900 Intelligent Router : Dual Band Wi-Fi N900 Gigabit Cloud Router
•    ESR1750 Intelligent Router : Dual Band Wi-Fi AC1750 Gigabit Cloud Router
•    EDS1130 Intelligent IP Camera : Wi-Fi HD Day/Night Cloud IP Camera


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