Enjoy Music With Logitech

I've always been a music lover and an occasional gamer too. And one of the things I'm very particular about when it comes to such enjoyment is the gadget I'm using. That's why I'm fortunate enough to try out 2 of Logitech's audio gadgets - the G430 gaming headset and Bluetooth audio adapter.

Easy Setup!

The headset has the same setup procedure just like any other headset. Plug the jack to the computer and it's ready to use. But what makes it different though from the rest is the USB adapter. What is it for? You'll find out in a while.

Successful connection of BT adapter..

As for the bluetooth audio adapter, no need to setup any software. It works just like any other bluetooth devices. Turn it out, it will search for available devices that it can connect to. The blinking light is the indication that it's searching and once it's steady, it has connected to an audio device like a computer or mobile phone.The bluetooth audio adapter comes with rca cables to connect it to your sound system (e.g. amplifier).

Sound Quality

Installation process for G430 software..

Using the G430 via audio jack generates good sound output but what I mostly liked about this headset is the functionality of the USB adapter.

A G430 software has to be installed before using the headset via USB. Now here's where I tell why I liked using the headset via USB. It's with the Logitech Gaming Software that you can adjust audio settings like the equalizer. And the best feature, it has Dolby sound output capability. BUT! Yes, there's a but.. Not all audio tracks are compatible or could be heard via Dolby. I tried it in some tracks mixed in stereo and they have an annoying static sound. I used the headset while watching movies especially the recent ones. And I swear, it sound awesome! It felt like watching in a movie house.

How I setup the Logitech BT adapter..


The BT adapter is easy to carry and you can connect it to any sound system or speakers. As for the headset, it looks cool with the blue-ish shade but I find it bulky to carry around. 

Overall, both gadgets provided me amazing audio results. I am very particular with that. My ears tingles when I don't like the sound output. Pricing wise, it's fair enough. Either one is a good investment. As what I've said in some of tweets before, I'm dying to keep either one. :)


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