Be a Beta Tester for Smart's LTE Evolution

I have been a Smart Broadband user for over a year now. What I have is the 1st generation of their broadband and so far I am satisfied although there are times that signal is weak is certain areas especially out of town. 

That's why I tried signing up for Smart's LTE Beta Tester Launch. Hoping that I'll be one of the lucky people to get to experience this 4G service.

LTE is the most advanced among fourth generation of mobile broadband service, known simply as the fastest 4G.
In short, LTE is the future of mobile broadband. LTE is a lot faster than the existing 3G technology, and its advancements will process data in the blink of an eye (i.e. up to 42 Mbps). This results to benefits and services that are otherwise not possible with present technologies.


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