Pioneer Introduces STEEZ Dance Gears for Every Style of Dancer Anywhere

From audio boombox, club-style personal music players to matching headphones, STEEZ gears are everything a dancer must have to get into the beat.

Pioneer has launched the STEEZ culture brand for street dancers and introduces the STEEZ AUDIO, STEEZ PORTABLE and STEEZ HEADPHONES. With urban youth culture on the rise, Pioneer incorporated the opinions of celebrated street dancers during the development of the STEEZ products. This way, the products are loaded with functions that meet the needs of dancers all across the world.


The STEEZ AUDIO comes with a 2.4 or 3.5 inch LCD display, internal storage of 4GB, support for different input devices (vua USB, Auxiliary, iPod dock) and support for a wide range of audio formats (MP3, WMA, AAC and WAV). Powered by either AC or battery, the STEEZ AUDIO can be used both indoor and outdoor without restricting where dancers can perform.

STEEZ AUDIO comes in three models -- 
the drip-proof Type T
the compact Type S
the high-power output and dynamic 2.1 channel sound Type Z
Main Features:

  • Auto Battle Mode makes it easier for dancers to enjoy dance battles by picking up tracks which fit the selected genre, playback a mix of similar tracks, keeps a countdown and signals the end of performance time,
  • DJ Mix Mode automatically chooses and playback tracks that match the selected dance genre, such as hip hop or break dance.
  • Tempo Control Function for adjusting the tempo of songs allows adjustment to the playback speed without changing the key.
  • Dance CUE Function enables playback from a preset point in a track with only a single touch for repeatedly rehearsing a part of the track.
  • Built-in iPod Dock so you can connect and charge your iPod/iPhone while playing music through the STEEZ Audio.

The STEEZ PORTABLE comes with a 4GB built-in memory and easy-to-operate touch panel interface for stress-free navigation. You can now enjoy dance music without interruption with the Non-Stop Mix Play function which automatically selects tracks which are close in melody and tempo and automatically adjust beat timing during mixing with effects. Another interesting include Tempo Control Search function which allows one  to automatically select tracks with the same tempo so that you can continue to listen to tracks with a tempo that suits their mood. Other useful features include Tempo Control for adjusting playback speed of a song and Bookmarking function for adding your favorite tracks to your own playlist while listening with just a push of a button.


The STEEZ HEADPHONES deliver crisp and rich low-pass sound with dynamic bass which is great for listening to dance music. While its foldable design allows easy storage, its compatibility with different monitoring styles due to the Housing Reversal and Swivel Mechanism, the  headphones can cater to your preferred listening style. 


Experience with the STEEZ AUDIO and STEEZ PORTABLE can be further enhanced by using Pioneer's MIXTRAX PC Music Management Application. This software boasts a unique music analyzing technology that not only analyzes dance music but many other genres of music as well. The MIXTRAX software gathers information on beat positions, melody, chorus and other blocks, analyze it and categorize it into relevant groups, which will enable the "Non-Stop Mix Play" and "Tempo Control" features on the STEEZ AUDIO and STEEZ PORTABLE. 

MIXTRAX has a user-friendly interface, so you can easily import personal music libraries to create MIXTRAX libraries and share music analysis information by uploading it to Pioneer Music Server to benefit other music enthusiasts. MIXTRAX is available as a free download at www.mixtraxnet.com.

With the introduction of the new range of STEEZ products, Pioneer aims to offer dancers with gears that are really useful for them to practice and enhance their dance steps, and to battle it out with their fellow dancers easily and conveniently. For more information on STEEZ, visit their website www.pioneer-steez.com.


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